Ideas open new doors. Innovation and invention lead the future.  If you’re the one to generate a new idea then you’re the first person to do so – you’re ahead of the pack.  As an idea generator, I have come to appreciate how doors remain closed for as long as your mind is.  As soon as you start to see the bigger picture; to perceive beyond reasonable measure and then to innovate inside such confines, doors open to you.  People want to know your thoughts when your ideas appear to be of help them.  If your ideas are of value and assistance to someone, they’re likely to open their door wide open, to invite you in.

If you’re feeling like life is closed off and you’re struggling to see the open opportunity, start generating fresh ideas.  See how excellent ideas open doors for you – AND, if you’re not sure how to generate excellent ideas – see if this new way to think and work helps you.



It’s 200 colourful pages bound with a soft cover jam packed with thought provoking images and words.  If you are a leader or your job involves motivating a team of people then understanding how the Whether Forecast™ way of thinking and working will help you.  Discover why it is important to take stock of the Lay of your land.  Realise why positive and negative thinking are so much more powerful when we frame them as Sun and Rain.  Release more of the real potential harboured in your head – especially as you embrace the Rainbow mindset AND harness the Wind.  This metaphor is guaranteed to give you a greater perspective on how best to motivate and manage the people who surround you every day.  This highly commended book presents a powerful new tool for fresh thinking, fast decision making and cross-cultrual cocreation.  Advance your thinking and upgrade your ideas by ordering your copy today!


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