“Small minds see the problem, average minds see the challenge and strong minds see the opportunity.”

Smart techniques solve problems.  If you’re stuck with a problem then it’s time to get smart.  Problems become huge opportunities with smart thinking.  Solve your problems by thinking strategically; combine critical and creative thought for best results.  Soon you’ll see the simple solutions shine through your complex conundrums when you begin by revealing the real root cause.

  1. See the problem for what it is – accept it.
  2. Research the situation objectively to broaden your perspective.
  3. Dig deep to unravel the problem and reveal its real root cause.
  4. With the root cause revealed test a few ideas to create a simple solution.
  5. If you’re still struggling for ideas, keep broadening your perspective.
  6. Concentrate on how you feel inside and look to improve such sentiments.
  7. It’s when we’re relaxed and happy that we’re at our most creative.
  8. It’s when we’re grumpy that we make our safest decisions.
  9. Work out what best works for you and do more of it!
  10. Solve your problems in small, managable, tangible, baby-steps.

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