Why leading with vision is important.

I was having a conversation yesterday – one of those unexpected ones with a work contact that suddenly took us diving into deeper realms.  ‘What’s the meaning of life?’  ‘What’s happening with society?’  ‘Where are we, as individuals, best placed when it comes to co-creating the new normality?’  Change is happening.  Not all of it benefits our moral standing nor humanity as a whole.  We’re in danger of digging deeper holes as we work to get out of the one we’re already in.  That sickening feeling started to sink in.  What is the direction in which we’re all heading?

My contact – let’s call him my friend – he mentioned how hard he was trying to get his head around what was happening and I told him that he wasn’t going to.  When we cannot fathom what’s happening, we have to feel our way through.  When history doesn’t give us the wisdom we need, our vision will help us succeed.  This is where leading with vision is necessary.

As we move through changing times, we’re all going to need to feel a lot more comfortable navigating through the unknown.  The mindset of the intrepid explorer calls this an exciting adventure.  What would it take for you to see it the same way?

Change need not be scary when we overcome our own anxiety and face the vision we wish to see.  Imagine this as your own alternative reality.  Narrow down your scope to focus more accurately; what would it take for you, personally, to feel happy?  If we can face our visions fearlessly then we can find the faith we need for our mission to succeed as we set about turning this into reality.

How to lead with vision.

Face the vision, faith your mission, make a decision and move on.

When leading with vision, work out what works for you and do more of this.  Leaders with visions that we can all believe in, will soon see us following our own fuzzy, buzzy and all-round good feelings towards this great dream.  It seems to me that we’re ready for action – what we’re lacking is collective direction.  As our leaders continue to present divided pictures, the aim for broader perspective and clearer vision will prevail.

P.S.  New word alert – when our wisdom no longer supports us, leader of the future will need visdom instead, albeit the visionary ability to forecast a finer way forward for us all.

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