Perceived as an out-dated cliché’ the need to ‘think outside the box’ is more real now than ever.  To think outside of the box basically means to disrupt your habitual reasoning or to break the patterns of your usual thinking so as to interpret a familiar subject or situation somewhat differently.

If, day-to-day, we’re confined to our boxes; our thinking conforms to such communalities.  We recognize the stark walls and sharp corners that constitute ‘the box’ and learn to create comfort within it.  At times it is important to step away from a situation to see it objectively if we plan to expand our horizons.  In gaining the higher perspective this gives us, we can then more easily see the open opportunity and innovate accordingly.


Go on holiday.  Change your mentality.  Throw random words or alternative attitudes into the equation to see where this leads your contemplation.  Approach your situation in an unfamiliar way.  Do something different to deliver a different result.

Alternatively – plug your problem in to the Whether System™ as a powerful way to quickly think outside the box.

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