The Adventures of Mr Turtle in Kathmandu

Dear SAWDF Sister, Matriarchs, Mates and other inspiring individuals I met in Kathmandu –

This one is for you – a picture book and avatar of my own adventure – Thank YOU!

Please click the right arrow to turn the next page –


Once it’s loaded, open it up to fullscreen and enjoy reading it to your young people as an alternative way to explain your being away.

This childrens’ story was inspired by a turtle made by my 4-year-old best friend.  The Turtle, who was sent to stay with me, by the sea in South England, soon found himself on an unexpected adventure.  At the end of the story he returns back to his maker having suffered a broken leg.  His new friend from Kathmandu, Turtle 2, accompanies him on the way.

People who saw me snap these shots – or who take the time to read the above rhyme – may well think me a little loopy.  In truth, such activity is a good way to exercise creativity which helps maintain a vivid imagination – the root of innovation.

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