How to build a profitable business from your idea, from patenting, prototyping and marketing to sales and success.

This book offers advice about business start-ups based on products as well as services. It takes you through prototyping and protecting your idea, in addition to covering all the areas you would usually find in a business start-up book, including raising finance, business planning, sales and marketing etc.

Based on the author’s own experience, it gives a realistic and honest understanding of the perils of setting up a business, combining practical advice with stories from the front line.

“If you are an Artist, Designer or Ideas Person looking to understand how a good idea can become a profitable business then this book will help you get off to a great start.”

Doug Richard, Dragon Investor, Founder of School for Start-ups

“Compelling insight and fantastic advice from someone who has been there and done it. I’d suggest this book as a must read for all would-be inventors.”

Jamie Oliver, freelance journalist (Financial Times, Daily Telegraph)

21-minute Mind Meeting

This book is a fast guide to fresh thinking. If you facilitate or moderate brainstorms, if you lead or manage a team, knowing how to successfully empower others with their own ideas is a valuable skill.  Knowing how to seed and nurture a constructive culture so as to better bring brains together is what sets up winners in leagues of their own.  Discover the easy way to cultivate a constructive culture and become a more innovative organisation.

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A practical guide to think for yourself. Using the Whether Forecast™ system, advance your ideas, upgrade your mindset and forecast a finer future. You have an amazing brain. When you’re anxious, stressed or worried your thinking can become your own worst enemy. This book shows you how to make your brain your best friend. Whether Forecast™ is a practical, easy and engaging way to overcome inherent fears with fresh ideas. Generate innovative approaches, look at your situation dynamically and constructively design the changes you desire. Use Whether Forecast™ to resolve conflicts, to bring brains together and collaborate creatively, for project planning and to evolve your ideas. Use Whether Forecast™ for professional development and personal growth. This critical and creative, effective way to strengthen and stretch your mind will give you clear thoughts, calm cofidence and the added value of quality thoughts. Know what you need to do when. However smart you believe yourself to be, discover how think more intelligently with this colourful and inspiring book.  Discover more...

Upgrading Thinking and Advancing Ideas

This is a 3-part video training, active engagement progress program with downloadable audio, workbooks and reference guides.  This training upgrades your mindset and advances your ideas. Whether you’re starting from the beginning or you’re a seasoned professional, be prepared to further open your mind and make massive progress in leaps and bounds.

Discover more about Upgrading Thinking and Advancing here.


Here are a few excellent books written by other authors. I've enjoyed reading them, I hope you do too.