The workplace is changing and because of this, the need for quality thinking will continue to grow.  Academic qualifications don’t always dictate the income we can anticipate and not everyone can afford the education he or she desires.  This leads to the potential for our young people to find themselves in situations that feel quite soul destroying exists:

“There are no options open to me.”
“My future is destined to be desperate.”

I’ve heard these sentences from people in their early twenties and they bothered me profoundly.  I never felt this way when I was their age and neither did my peers because we were optimistic.  We were hopeful about our future because the options seemed as open to us as we could see.

And, herein lies the problem; the ability to ‘see’ or perceive the open options for ourselves.

Whether with a CV full of accolades or because a big fat ‘F’ was your final school score, one major factor that we’re not taught very well in mainstream academia is important.  This factor makes a massive difference to the quality of our lives.  It is the ability to think for ourselves – and not just to think any old thing but to have thoughts of quality.  We need more quality thinking to succeed.

What is quality thinking?

“Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events and great minds discuss ideas”.

These words are attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt.   One of the speakers at StartupFest Mumbai 2017 phrased the context of this comment slightly differently;

“Small minds see the problem, average minds see the challenge and great minds see the opportunity”

The quality of your mind, much like the metal of your muscles boils down to the training and exercise that you have endured.  We have to practice anything (and this includes thinking) if we plan to get good at it.  And, it costs nothing to practice our thinking because we can do so easily inside our own heads.You don’t need to be anywhere in particular to practice your thinking and you don’t have to come from anywhere special to be able to develop such skills.

How to develop quality thinking.

Simply start to practice by thinking about the quality of your thinking.  Every now and again, as part of a regular practice, stop to examine the thoughts in your head.  Observe your own thinking objectively by listening to your thoughts as if they weren’t yours.  What sorts of things do you hear yourself saying?  Ultimately you are in control of this conversation.  Ask yourself if you would talk to your best friend this way and consider how could you improve the quality of your thinking.  Remember; worry is a waste of your imagination and so because of this use your imagination to create the future you desire.

With quality thinking, our worlds can become our play pens and powerhouses.  Promotions open up to us and we see the opportunities that are there to be grabbed.  Quality thinking gives us the ability to perceive the fun easily and this is what ensures we have a good time.

To open new doors, have some good ideas.

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March 27, 2018


The workplace is changing and because of this, the need for quality thinking will continue to grow.  Academic qualifications don’t always dictate the income we can […]